A current list of all the nail polish related giveaways I have found. If you have or know of one that isn't listed, please leave a comment on this page and I will get it added for you :)

These are listed in order by the date they end.

2/05 Caught In A Daze (USA Only)
2/05 My Nail Polish is Poppin' (USA Only)
2/06 Polish Pixelle (International)
2/06 Rebecca Likes Nails (International)
2/07 Broke & Beautiful
2/07 Kyotis Nails (USA Only)
2/07 Make Up Mom (International)
2/07 Polished Polyglot (International)
2/07 Set In Lacquer (USA & Canada)
2/08 Lipgloss Break (USA & Canada Only)
2/09 Amandalandish (International)
2/09 Captivating Claws (International)
2/09 Seriously Swatched (USA & Canada)
2/09 The Beauty of Life (USA Only)
2/10 Lydia's Nails (USA Only)
2/10 Polish Snob (USA Only)
2/11 Ashley Elizabeth's Beauty Blog (International)
2/11 Chickettes (International)
2/12 Fingers Polish Mani (International)
2/13 Share The Love Giveaway (International)
2/14 Dizzy Little Digits (USA Only)
2/14 Nail Candy Kisses (USA Only)
2/15 Chic Look XO (International)
2/15 Holly and Polish (International)
2/15 Of Life and Lacquer (International)
2/15 Save More Spend Less (USA Only)
2/16 Me, Myself, & Polish (International)
2/16 Polish This (International)
2/17 It's All About The Polish (International)
2/17 Beauty By Miss L (International)
2/17 Crystal's Crazy Combos (International)
2/17 Fierce Makeup and Nails (International)
2/17 Taneja's Bride (USA Only)
2/18 Ashley Is Polish Addicted (International)
2/18 Galactic Lacquer (USA & Canada)
2/19 Kat Stays Polished (USA Only)
2/20 Ghandoora (International)
2/22 Haute Lacquer (International)
2/22 Nailed It NZ (International)
2/22 Play Polish (USA Only)
2/23 Multi Blogger Giveaway (USA & Canada)
2/23 Unnaked Nails (International)
2/24 Little Miss Nailpolish (International)
2/27 Nail Gun XS (International)
2/28 Confessions of a Makeup Addict (International)
2/28 Lisa's Nail Obsession (USA, Canada, Mexico)
3/01 Manicurity (International)
3/01 Nail Craze with Dayze (USA & Canada)
3/01 The Polish Haven (International)
3/08 La Belle Dame Sans Merci (International)
3/15 Holly and Polish (International)
3/30 Kemples


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I'm so happy that you're back! I've just added this blog to my follow list and am excited to see what you want to share :D

    I have a giveaway on my blog, it's international and ends the 18th. I have two polish prize packs to give to two lucky girls! I hope it's okay to place the link here?

    Thanks so much!
    Kisses from Narmai ;-)

    1. Thank you!! Added your giveaway, thanks for letting me know about it! :)

  2. I have a giveaway on my blog

  3. I have two giveaways on my blog.


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