Sunday, December 23, 2012

Giveaway Winnings

Got a few more nail mail packages over the past few days.  I was lucky enough to win two giveaways the past week, plus I received one more of my birthday swap packages.

First, from Seriously Swatched I was supposed to only be winning the Seche Vite Collage Overlay, but she sent me some extras as well :)

She sent a nail polish remover pad, two self tanner towels, make up brush cleaner, Seche Vite Collage Overlay, and Sinful Colors Winterberry. I ALMOST bought the SV Overlay about a week before winning this! What are the odds?! I can't wait to put this over a bright, fun summer color. And oddly enough, Winterberry is one of the few Sinful Colors that I don't own! lol. I love the purple/grey colors, so this is right up my alley.

Then, from Oh Three Oh Four, I won the second prize of her holiday giveaway, which was a set of Pure Ice polishes.

 Oh Baby!, Sleigh Ride, Sugar Cookie, My Wonderland.

 My friend Dee sent me these for the birthday swap. The CG were from my wishlist, so I am happy to have those. I am that much closer to finally finishing my Ink Collection. There are only 5 left for me to get now :)

OPI Avojuice lotion, Orly Sashay MyWay, China Glaze In The Limelight, China Glaze Shocking Pink, OPI Be Brave, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Diamond and also a couple nail files.


  1. so I figured out the other day why I haven't won any giveaways in awhile... I decided it's because you're winning them all :P just kidding of course! congrats, it looks like you've gotten some great prizes :)

    1. LOL!! Funny thing is, I've won two more since then. And I'm not even entering like a boss like I used to! haha. I just have good giveaway luck, I think. ;)


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